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Who is Rapid Alpha?

We Protect and Advance Technology Companies

We work with you to understand the assets in your company, implement a protection plan, and leverage those assets to develop product faster, convert customers, and conquer markets.  From innovation capture and IP counseling to finding product-market fit, we work with you to grow your company.

For larger companies, we assist with buy/ build/ partner decision-making and technology sourcing.  Our network of trusted partners provides robust solutions in AI, SaaS integration, and other technologies. Our services result in quick but confident investment decisions in technology that create long-term advantages that ultimately win the market. 

Viral Startups

Playbooks for Exponential Growth

Strategies for resource constrained high-growth companies to win your market

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Pre-Series A Start-Ups

Funded Angel or Seed Stage start-up companies with a built Proof of Concept (PoC) in need of early adopters to validate early market demand.

Do you have a patentable innovation?

Document your technology and create an investible patent asset.

Find the right customers and market for your product.

We take a hard look at ways to find product-market fit.

Find your next funding source.

Our VC network can guide you through to your Series A.

Post-Series A Start-Ups

Funded Series A startups that need to achieve product-market fit to achieve exponential year over year revenue growth

Finding ways to gain a monopoly in the market.

Growing an enforceable or licensable patent portfolio

How to increase sales and decrease customer acquisition cost.

A/B testing of sales approaches; account-based marketing.

Solving technology development problems.

Partnering with a third-party expert to quickly solve the problem.


Strategies for resource constrained high-growth companies to win their market.

Validate Buyer Interest

Product-market fit is amongst the hardest things to achieve, especially for startup teams already wearing many hats.

Source Partnering Deals

Nothing changes the trajectory of a startup quite like an early partner.

Build Economic Moats

It isn't enough to win your market, you must be able to defend and grow your position. We can help you build market share and impede competitors.

Intellectual Property Services

Your company is special. Harnessing everything that makes your company is unique in becoming a viral startup. Ready to take your business to the next level? We can help you by starting with your IP.

Scale Your Business

Scaling requires repeatable business systems. For startups there isn't always time to pause and plan. Find out how viral startups plan, execute, and save themselves from headaches down the road.

Sourcing Investment

Funding is necessary. The process of closing investment does not have to be painful. Go beyond securing investment and be the company your investors are banking on.

Development Planning

Whether you wish to raise more capital, make better R&D investments, speed products to market with greater efficiency, you can achieve greater success with strategic IP planning from the project planning outset.

Rapid Alpha

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A selection of our high-growth clients:

We offer innovation management, technology brokerage, intellectual property services, and go-to-market strategies to partners like:

Our services augment your expertise

Our name Rapid Alpha reflects our desire to help Small and Medium Enterprises realize their competitive edge with speed. We are a turn-key innovation management & intellectual property department ready to deliver you actionable insights and opportunities so you can focus on achieving competitive advantage.

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From educating internal groups that create intellectual property on the value of IP and laws governing filings, to receiving and evaluating invention disclosure statements for filing, leverage our decades of experience in building world-class Intellectual Property portfolios

Maximize Innovation Capture

From educating inventing groups on the value of IP and laws governing filings, to receiving and evaluating invention disclosure statements for filing, leverage our decades of experience in building world-class Intellectual Property portfolios

Support for Portfolio Protection Decisions

Our process of combining market, business, and legal analysis provides the same validation of your Intellectual Property used in actual IP transactions

Market-Driven Specifications

Our unique approach to portfolio development ensures you will have an Intellectual Property portfolio that can pivot with your business, or support commercialization of your Intellectual Property in new industry verticals

Filings Groomed for Commercialization

From filing to issuance, there will always be a plan to deliver business value for every patent pending application and issuance. Once issued, your Intellectual Property can be immediately placed into a number of commercialization programs

Custom Metrics Tracking

We provide valuable feedback throughout the portfolio development process to make sure you are actively culling your portfolio when your ROI cannot be met, holding steady when our filing assumptions have been validated, and redoubling efforts when new opportunities present themselves to drive outsized returns

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A selection of our industry-leading clients:

We offer innovation management, technology brokerage, intellectual property services, and go-to-market strategies to partners like:



What our high-growth clients and industry-leading clients are saying about our services:

Download our guide to viral growth

Rapid alpha gave us deep and actionable insights for one of our key innovation projects – allowing us to make informed strategic decisions about the protection and commercialization of our intellectual property. Underpinning this work was their unique approach to innovation capture, assessment, and execution that we will continue to use in our business going forward

Alex Vincan Executive General Manager, MIS Carbonart (a subsidiary of Mineral Resources Ltd)

Rapid alpha’s knowledge of our technology roadmap and deep relationships with our prospective partners helps us prioritize and protect our best ideas. As we quickly commercialize our best ideas globally, rapid alpha continues to be an ideal business partner, brokering introductions with potential partners so we can immediately realize real commercial value.


"The Team at Rapid Alpha delivered immediate returns on investment for us. They not only help us increase the value of our business through a comprehensive and affordable patent IP strategy, but they also help us take steps to negotiate from a position of strength during negotiations vital to our company's future"

Ian Hamilton Managing Director, GET Trakka

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