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Our Mission Statement

The corporate mission of Rapid Alpha is to speed innovation and enhance the competitive position of our client companies. We are fierce advocates for our clients, and we strive to find creative solutions to hard problems.

Rapid Alpha works with startups and high-growth companies to achieve their next major milestone.

Every company is unique. Use your unique attributes, resources, and position in the market as advantages that drive growth. Let’s take the first step in achieving your next major milestone.

Our Leadership Team


Chief Operating Officer

Craig is a highly skilled patent attorney and business adviser with over 20 years of experience working to build great innovation teams. He has spent the last several years running a highly successful U.S.-based innovation program, managing the effective collaboration of key stakeholder groups including fund executives, R&D teams, in-house counsel, and outside counsel. Craig’s experience also includes building patent portfolios in support of spinout companies and supporting diligence review for those companies at exit. He has also provided the primary legal presence in high-value patent licensing programs and divestitures. Craig’s approach puts the client’s business first, combining a passion for thoughtful and effective innovation management with rapid alpha’s drive to expedite improved business practices and planning. When he’s not spending time with his family, you can usually find Craig hiking, gardening, or at the workbench.
Technologies: Patent portfolio management across a diverse set of information and communications technologies, including digital health, UX, processor and memory design, and real time satellite imaging.

Industries Served: Licensing to Fortune 50 companies including online retailers, cell phone makers, and social networks. Litigation in areas including phage promoters, opioid bioavailability, fiber optic switching, digital video noise reduction, and credit application networking.

Matthew Wahlrab, BS, MBA, NBD

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Wahlrab began working at the intersection of intellectual property, venture capital, and startups in 2001. Since then, Mr. Wahlrab has managed commercialization efforts and portfolio development for patent portfolios as large as 5,600 patent assets, supported in excess of $125MM in capital raises to create new companies and invest in existing companies, and navigate complex transactions closing in excess of $60MM in new licensing revenue. Mr. Wahlrab leverages his experience as an entrepreneur, international intellectual property specialist, and venture partner to help companies translate their unique advantages into market share growth. Mr. Wahlrab prides himself in implementing cost-effective strategies and supporting his partners from seed to exit.

Mr. Wahlrab has been recognized by his peers as a four-time top global IP Strategist by IAM. He has drafted hundreds of utility patent applications, design patents, prosecuted hundreds of applications more, and generated thousands of claim charts to support licensing, patent sales, due diligence, and IP litigation. Mr. Wahlrab has over a decade of experience packaging technology to bring new technology to market and extensive experience negotiating and closing partnership agreements. Mr. Wahlrab has supported the sale of over 2,000 patent assets across dozens of transactions, often leading the marketing and negotiation effort.

As an Exit Advisor of the world's largest angel fund, Mr. Wahlrab co-authored the Keiretsu Exit Strategy Handbook, supported the 2021 ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap update, and published various articles on evaluating R&D opportunities and intellectual property protection.

Mr. Wahlrab is a sought after advisor for the development of investment funds for the promotion of new innovation and commercialization of intellectual property for Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) and Private Equity Funds (PE). His portfolio analysis work and modeling supported the creation of X-Labs, the Deep Science Fund, Grey Sky Venture Partners, and funding for the Invention Science Fund. Mr. Wahlrab is also a Venture Partner, with notable experience supporting the portfolio companies of Boutique Venture Partners as they transition from Seed to Series A capital raises.

In his spare time, Mr. Wahlrab is an avid SCUBA diver, volunteer hyperbaric chamber technician, gardener, runner, and green home builder.

Technologies: Mr. Wahlrab is experienced in materials science, SaaS offerings, biotechnology, applied physics applications, medical devices, semiconductors, cyber security, digital health, augmented reality, and information communications technologies.

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