Discover and measure the full potential of your company’s innovation landscape.

Don’t just wish upon a star; capture it

Departments are to business what telescopes are to stars – an efficient way to focus on one piece of a larger puzzle. In order to meet the needs of the organization, sometimes it’s critical to focus only on what is important through the lens of your own role.  rapid alpha gives you the opportunity to take a step back to see the full picture and helps you to connect the dots to create an entire constellation of innovatioopportunities.   

CAPTURE is our proven approach to discovering and measuring the full potential of your company’s innovation landscape. During this process, we work with your company to: 

1.Conduct an in-depth survey of your organization to uncover hidden opportunities and bring them to the foreground  

2. Translate each idea into a standardized, written document to create a catalog of your known universe of innovation opportunities

3.Create artifacts that leverage a common language and illustrations that demonstrate each concept so they can be objectively evaluated across all levels and departments  

4.Determine which ideas have the highest potential value and create a shortlist from which you can select based on your organization’s available resources and prioritized objectives

Stage 1: Capture

Our proven approach to discovering and measuring the full potential

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Confidently decide between innovation projects

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