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A team-based approach to technology development and protection

A world-class innovation management programme without the bureaucracy.​

Quality outcomes begin by capturing all of the innovative ideas within your organisation. A quick triage process can then be used to elevate the most promising ideas based on their alignment with the overall corporate innovation strategy. The best technology and innovation projects undergo a competitive advantage assessment. 

Your innovation process will deliver key insights to your technologists, inform your technology portfolio management strategy, and help your technology and innovation projects move through the stage gate process. Afterall, your innovation management programme should work for your team, not the other way around. To see how others are making their innovation management process work for them, please read on. 


ra•pid / adj. /

  • happening in a short time or at a fast pace 

al•pha / n. /

  • a term used in investing to describe a strategy’s ability to beat the market, or its “edge”

Our name Rapid Alpha reflects our desire to help Small and Medium Enterprises realize their competitive edge with speed. We are a turn-key innovation management department ready to deliver you actionable insights and opportunities so you can focus on achieving competitive advantage.

Looking for insights and a process for sustained competitive advantage?

Even before COVID19, few Executives felt they were managing their innovation portfolio well. Today everyone recognizes how important new innovation to achieving new benchmarks for success.

Today leaders within Small and Medium Enterprises can take the same methodical approach to innovation as companies like Boeing and Microsoft, but without the big budgets. Through three phases, you can manage your innovation portfolio and yield outsized innovation results on a realistic budget. Simply monitor your Capture, Assess, and Execute phases.

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Looking for insights and a process for sustained competitive advantage?

Innovation management is more than moving ideas into product development.

A true Innovation management process uses insights, strategy, and all the innovation management tools to deliver technology and innovation efficiently. 


Extending First Mover Competitive Advantage

A – Stage gate process: TRL 9 achieved B – Organisation enters the market C – Organisation enjoys 1st Mover Advantage D – Fast Follower Enters market E – Competing technology and innovation emerges F – Impact of incremental innovation subsides, market declines

Today technology and innovation become obsolete at a much faster rate. In addition to moving fast, proper innovation management strategy extends an organisation‘s window of first mover advantage.

Your Idea Management Process

Not all ideas are equal.

Focus your resources on innovative ideas that deliver competitive advantage.
Within a culture of innovation, every employee contributes to the success of the organization. That passion to plan and execute the innovation strategy is vital to long-term success. But when that passion cannot be focused on the organisation‘s needs, moral suffers and focus is lost.
 The right innovation management platform helps everyone at a glance understand what they are working on and how it contributes to the success of the organisation. Our innovation management tools help you build internal consensus, focus resources, and achieve competitive advantage.

Focus your innovation activities on competitive advantage.

Assess the ideas within your innovation portfolio.

Balance the innovation types to meet your near

Asking an innovation manager to pick their favorite project is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. It can be hard to decide among many promising options, especially when interpersonal dynamics are at play. 

If your organization is relying upon a subjective selection process, and you’re stuck with the daunting responsibility of deciding which stars shine brightest, we can help.

Stage 3: Execute

Competitive Advantage meets Business Values

Maximize your resources. Live your values.

What happens when every innovation program is measured on its ability to deliver sustainability, employee engagement, efficiency improvements, and their ability to generate new revenues? 

You live your values and create sustained competitive advantage.

What happens when you make more strategic Buy, Build, Partner, and Invest decisions to achieve your innovation priorities? Just because your team could build everything in your portfolio, doesn’t mean you should. By identifying external parties and negotiating from a position of strength, you can de-risk your innovation portfolio and move faster to market with innovative products.