Is your lack of a clear IP strategy making it hard to attract investment capital?

We bring our experience to assist you in developing an IP Plan to unlock investment opportunities for your business

Do you need an IP inventory and roadmap to better understand, protect, and manage your innovation?

An IP plan provides a central location for inventory, decision-making, and budgeting.

Our Clients That Visualize Their IP Plan with Rapid Alpha


Rapid Alpha helps you ensure your IP assets are fully integrated into your business plan and engage the right investors with the best IP inventory. Our IP PLAN includes the following services:

• Invetion Capture
• IP Research
• Competitive Landscape Report
• IP Protection Insights
• Your Product Roadmap in One Place


You can build an IP strategy for every stage of your business life cycle. Strong IP will fuel your growth early on and encourage investors to fund your business. The Rapid Alpha team is ready to support you in every step of your IP Plan Management on your way to capturing investment.

We manage your IP Inventory to achieve your business goals with our:

• Professional Team
• Trusted Insights and Analytics
• Extensive and Competitive Resources
• Industry-Leading Strategies
• Integrated Client Experience

Portfolio visibility

Access and track every step of your business’s life cycle to support critical activities. We help you to support in sales, capital raise, collaboration agreements, and partnerships. We offer a complete visualization and communication of your portfolio.

Clean, accurate data

We connect IP to other kind of critical documents to be able to provide a master directory for all of the things that are actually related to this underlying technology, by associating documents that might exist in confluence in the database

Our customer-centric approach always helps us understand your business needs and expectations. So, we would like to bring personalized solutions to you, rather than standardized services. The Rapid Alpha team is ready to support you in every step of your IP Plan Management on your way to capturing investment.


• Document your competitive advantage in pictures and words
• Share insights across your enterprise and save time
• Find the needed information more quickly
• Respond to market opportunities quickly
• Quickly get new employees contributing to growth with a single point of truth

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