Do you have an intellectual property
plan to raise millions?

When an investor starts due diligence on a potential investment,
they are going to ask for your IP portfolio.

Our IP plans demonstrate value in a way that investors understand.

Develop Your IP PLAN, Get Investor Ready and Raise Capital

We will build your IP Plan to support your capital raise as we did for:


Investors often ask what your competitive advantage is or how you will block competitors from winning your market. Pointing to a well-defined IP Plan is the first step to overcoming an investor’s concerns and an opportunity to put you one step closer to funding. We bring a tremendous depth of experience to assisting you in developing an IP Plan aligned to raise millions!

Remember that IP is an investment, not a cost, if handled well. You can click here to see the statistics, which will help you understand the critical relationship between IP and your future value.


“Companies with patents raise $7M more than competitors that do not”

While managing your IP inventory to raise capital, we:

• Clearly show the power of your past technology development
• Map and protect your current products
• Define your future R&D plan, inventory pipeline, and product roadmap
• Provide due diligence support in capital raises
• Help you demonstrate to investors that your idea is a winner and your company is unique

Portfolio visibility

Access and track every step of your business’s life cycle to support critical activities. We help you to support in sales, capital raise, collaboration agreements, and partnerships. We offer a complete visualization and communication of your portfolio.

Clean, accurate data

We connect IP to other kind of critical documents to be able to provide a master directory for all of the things that are actually related to this underlying technology, by associating documents that might exist in confluence in the database


“Patents have the greatest impact on funding in the first three rounds”

When you have your IP Plan, you:

• Attract a higher number of venture capital financing rounds
• Reduce dilution during the investment round
• Increase the funded amounts
• Raise the projected profitability
• Identify any potential risks to future growth and profitability
• Increase competitiveness, provide a barrier to market entry to guard against competition

Do you have questions about how to attract investors to your business with your IP Plan? Contact us and meet the best IP Plan solutions.

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