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Innovation Management as a Service (IMaaS)

Turn your innovation process into a competitive advantage.

Our three-part, data-driven approach identifies opportunities with the highest ROI and develops successful execution strategies around them.

Over the past several years, ‘innovation’ has transitioned from business strategy to buzzword, and consulting companies in the space are now a dime a dozen (if only they were that cheap!). The challenge is, many of them only help you identify the end goal on your journey to executing a successful innovation initiative, leaving you to figure out the rest on your own 

So now you know where you need to go, but don’t have a clear idea of how to get there. Or by when. Or the who or the why or the how much

Innovation Management as a Service 

Not to fear – we’ve been there, we get it, and we know how hard it can be. That’s why we created rapid alpha – to give companies all of the tools that they need to shoot for the moon and land successfully.  

Our Innovation Management as a Service (IMaaS) offering provides your company with the processes and playbooks to take you from an awesome idea to actual implementation, so that you can see rapid, measurable results.  


The Innovation Equation 

 [(Capture) + (Assess)] x [Execute] = Competitive Advantage

We take the ambiguity out of the equation by implementing a three-part, data-driven approach to identifying the opportunities with the highest ROI and developing successful execution plans around them.  

1. Capture is our proven approach to discovering and measuring the full potential of your company’s innovation landscape

2. Assess is an objective, qualitative and quantitative assessment of the full spectrum of innovative ideas in your organization 

3. Execute is our formulaic approach to designing innovation project playbooks that produce real, measurable results  

Learn more about how rapid alpha can help you successfully implement innovation initiatives.

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