Stage 3: Execute

Implement innovation playbooks that produce real, measurable results.

Prepare for takeoff in 3...2...1...

“Success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution.” 

Naveen Jain

Ideas without execution are just dreams. In the world of business, these ‘dreams’ can quickly become nightmares of lost time, resources, and opportunities. But what if you could have both fantastic ideas and flawless implementation? 

rapid alpha not only helps companies like yours identify the brightest star in your constellation; we also work alongside you to build the rocket that will get you there. 

EXECUTE is our formulaic approach to designing innovation project playbooks that produce real, measurable results. We help you create execution strategies that inspire and involve everyone in your organization, including: 

1. Legal: Reduce risk and deal flow drag in your pursuit of competitive advantage. What information does the legal department need to identify potential risks and proactively protect R&D activity? What documents do they need to facilitate organizational transparency and ensure compliance? How can the company avoid “surprises” and obtain legal advice to foster progress rather than simply minimizing risk.  

2. Finance: Calculate the financial impact on the company. What are the related expenses, and what is the value of successful execution and implementation?  

3. Human Resources: Assess skills and resources critical to project completion. Are there any training, employee development, or talent acquisition requirements? 

4. Marketing: Ensure that innovation efforts are supported internally and that completed products are effectively advertised externally. How will progress and wins be communicated inside the organization to generate and maintain morale? How will the products be positioned in the market for optimal results? 

By understanding how each of these departments contributes to the product development process, we create a playbook with clearly defined processes and milestones to facilitate efficient and effective collaboration. The playbook ensures that all key contributors are aware of the status of each critical activity, so that they can bring in the right people at the right time to maintain momentum and achieve desired outcomes.   

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